Find Your Moonglow

Find Your Moonglow

I have always been enchanted by the night sky. There is something about the glow of the moonlight and the glistening sparkle of the stars that have always found a way to captivate my soul. So when Moonglow Jewelry reached out and asked me if I would want a customized moon jewelry of my own the answer was “YES”!!!

Moonglow Jewelry specializes in customized jewelry that tells you what phase of the moon your special day is. You can pick any day of the year that means something to you and Moonglow Jewelry will make it into a necklace, bracelet or ring. On their website you can choose from a variety of different styles which is great! I went with the classic necklace with the black swarovski crystal in pewter on an 18 inch chain (yes, you can choose the length of your chain). Your piece of jewelry also comes in a box with a card that tells you what the phase of your moon is called. For example, I picked my birthday and my moon phase was the waxing gibbous.

The cool thing about Moonglow Jewelry is that during the day the moon absorbs the light so at night it creates a soft glow. I think what I like the most is that this necklace feels like a one of kind keepsake but from a first glance you can’t tell that it is. I am all for personalized jewelry but I don’t like it when the personalization is obvious so this fits my style perfectly.

If you’re looking for something unique and special to commemorate a meaningful occasion or you want to get that special someone a cool gift. I would totally recommend you get a personalized piece from Moonglow Jewelry.

These photos were taken during my recent trip to Joshua Tree. I’d like to thanks Moonglow Jewelry for sponsoring this post and gifting me the beautiful moon necklace. Also, a huge thank you to Krisp Clothing for making me feel pretty in this bohemian outfit.

How do you guys feel about personalized jewelry for a special occasion? And which special day would you pick if you were creating your own special Moonglow Jewelry?

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Outfit details: Loose Fit Gypsy Blouse c/o Krisp Clothing, Zig Zag Hem Gypsy Maxi Skirt c/0 Krisp Clothing, Black Mules c/0 Krisp Clothing, Woven Bag from my recent trip to Bali, Necklace c/0 Moonglow Jewerly, Earrings: Forever 21, Sunglasses c/o Sunglass LA

This blog post is sponsored by Moonglow Jewerly but all opinions are my own. No affiliate links are used.