DEJAPAN to the Rescue

DEJAPAN to the Rescue

November of last year I went to Japan and purchased a bunch of new makeup and beauty products to try. I ended up loving three items that I use on daily basis now. The terrible thing about buying products in Japan is when you start to run out of the product you’re using. I searched at local shops here in Los Angeles that carry Japanese brands and of course I couldn’t find it cause they don’t carry the brand. I looked online and they had it on Amazon Japan but the shipping cost was ridiculous! Then DEJAPAN came to the rescue!

DEJAPAN is a proxy shopping service that specializes in helping you buy Japanese products from various of Japanese online retailers. What’s a proxy shopping service you may ask? Good question! I had no idea what it was when they first reached out. Basically, DEJAPAN are essentially the middle man that connects you to online retailers like Amazon Japan, Yahoo Shopping Japan, Rakuten and many more. So you can shop for the products sold from these retailers and it will get shipped directly to DEJAPAN (they are located in Japan). Once the items arrive at DEJAPAN you will get an email and pay for the shipping for DEJAPAN to mail them to you. This helps you (the buyer) because you can get your items without paying the obscene oversea shipping costs. They also consolidate your items for you so you can buy from various companies and once all your items arrive at DEJAPAN they will package it up for you and mail it all at once.

The thing that sets DEJAPAN apart from other similar services is that they don’t charge for a service fee nor do they take commission. It’s also a plus that they have native English speaking workers who work for them so customer service is efficient and I got all my questions answered in a timely manner.

The three items I got from DEJAPAN were the following the Nature & Co. sunscreen and their mineral liquid foundation and the Acne Barrier gel cleanser. Like I mentioned earlier, these are the three items I use on a daily basis so I was starting to run low on all three items. I am so grateful to DEJAPAN for reaching out to me because without them I probably would have resorted to just having to wait to repurchase these items until I went back to Japan later this year.

Are there any Japanese products you’ve been wanting to order? Have you heard of DEJAPAN or other types of proxy shopping services? Let me know in the comment section below!

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I’d like to thank DEJAPAN for working with me on this post. They were kind enough to send me these three products for free in exchange for a review of their service. All opinions are my own and no affiliate links are used.