Hi everyone!

So today I celebrate my 29th birthday! I seriously can’t believe that I am officially 29 and this year will be my last year in my twenties! So crazy to look back and realize how quickly time has past!

This time last year, I was working on myself and I was in a much better place which resulted in the fact that 28 was probably the best year of my life so far. I achieved a lot of the goals I set out for myself and I found some inner peace with a lot of the emotional turmoil I was experiencing with my friends and my work.

My late twenties have taught me to live in the moment which is why this year, I will be jet setting off to Bali with my best friend Sheila. If one thing I learned so far is that I really love to travel and every time I go somewhere new I discover a little bit more of myself.

This year, I hope to be a bit more fearless and a little more adventurous with everything I do. I want to embrace each moment and seize the day! Β Part of my cutting my hair this weekend and dying my hair pastel pink was a step forward towards being a bit more adventurous. I didn’t know if this hair style would look good on me but I just tried it regardless of the outcome and I think that’s what I want to work on. To just try something/anything regardless of what the end result might be. I’ve always been the person to over think and over plan so this year I am going to try something new.

Do you guys like setting goals on your birthday? Is there anything you are working on this year? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Outfit details: White Eyelet Off the Shoulder Dress c/0 of Make Me Chic, Accessories: Le Tote and Wedge Shoes: Kenneth Cole.