Having afternoon tea in London was on the top of my list when I was planning my recent trip. I already had plans to stay at the Dorsett Shepherds Bush hotel during my stay in London so it made sense to look into their afternoon tea service. I’ve never had afternoon tea at a hotel I stayed at before so I was pretty excited to give it a try.

My reservation was on New Years Eve which was the perfect time to have afternoon tea because I felt like I got to escape the hustle and bustle that was going on outside as people prepared to celebrate the New Year. Who doesn’t like to take a moment and relax right? I know I do!

The afternoon tea at the Dorsett Shepherds Bush is located in their bar/lounge (it’s proper name is JIN). When you walk in you’re enveloped by the lush blue and yellow decor.Β  I was quickly greeted by one of the servers who sat me and my parents down at our reserved table.

My favorite part of the tea service was how we picked out our tea from the selection that was offered. The waiter brought out little glass jars filled with different teas and carefully explained each tea before letting us smell it to make our decision.This process made the choosing of the tea enjoyable and it was nice to be able smell the aroma of the tea before making my choice.

The afternoon tea came with a good selection of sandwiches, scones and dessert which I thought were savory and delightful. Β I am normally used to freshly baked scones and although this one was cold it was still delicious! I truly enjoyed eating the scones the “British” way with clotted cream and jam. So amazing! Honestly, I don’t think I can have scones going forward without clotted cream!

The afternoon tea that I had was a little different from what was on the menu on their website because it was changed for the holiday. I thought the sandwiches & desserts had a bit of a festive flare and it made the overall experience that much more special.

The afternoon tea at Dorsett Shepherds Bush is 24 pounds per person which I think it very reasonably priced. If you want a casual setting to spend time with friends I would definitely recommend this afternoon tea. However, if you tend to like something a bit fancier and formal when it comes to afternoon tea then this might not be your cup of tea. Since the servers also maintain the bar area you won’t get the attentive service where they dote on you. There were a couple of times I had to waive the waiter to come over or walk over to the bar to ask for something. Usually that sort of thing would bother me but because the setting was more casual it didn’t bug me, plus the waiters who served me were all nice and friendly.

This was really a lovely way to spend the last day of 2016! Made me really appreciate spending an afternoon with my parents having some wonderful conversation while enjoying some delicious food and tea. I would really recommend to everyone that on the last day of the year should be spent in a relax and comfortable setting, wherever that place may be for you!

You can make a reservation for an afternoon tea at the Dorsett Shepherds Bush by calling this number +44 0203 262 1026. If you want to look at their menu click here. Afternoon tea is served daily between the hours of 2PM to 5pm.

What do you think about having afternoon tea in more casual setting like a lounge/bar? If you enjoy afternoon tea like I do, tell me what you enjoy the most! Is it the endless tea drinking, trying the different sandwiches or is it the overall ambiance? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you for reading and until next time!


Special thanks to Dorsett Shepherds Bush Hotel for treating me to this experience. All opinions are my own and links are not affiliated.