50 States | State #1: Seattle, WA | Day #2

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today, I wanted to share what I did during my second day while in Seattle. If you missed what I did on day number one check that out here. On our second day we decided to have breakfast at Toulouse Petit because it had amazing reviews and we thought we should try it out. The restaurant had a very eclectic design to it with balloons all over the ceiling and it was exciting because it had a mardi gras fun feel to it.

We decided to do what we always do which is other what each of us wants to try and share. So we decided to order the following...

Toulouse Beignets
Duck Confit Hash
Bayou Fisherman's Breakfast
Toulouse Eggs Benedict with Dungeness Crab with Fine Herbe
What we ordered:
French Press Coffee
Toulouse Beignets-powdered sugar and chicory cafe anglaise (small order $5)
Duck Confit Hash-parsnip, arugula, yukon gold potato, apple with fine herbs $15
Bayou Fisherman's Breakfast-shrimp, pacific fish, crawfish, tasso ham, creole sauce $20
Toulouse Eggs Benedict with Dungeness Crab with Fine Herbes $19

I think my favorite out all the things we ordered was the beignets and the sauce it came with was something I never tried before. I wasn't so sure about the flavor at first because it was a bit bitter but it grows on you and it goes surprisingly well with the beignets. The French Press coffee is also something I would recommend if if you are coffee drinker! It was soooo good I drink that thing all day any day! The duck confit hash was not what I expected it to be at all but it was featured on the Food Network's Fall Season premier of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, so I had to give it a try. The potatoes in has were delicious and the apples were a nice touch. The Bayou Fisherman's breakfast was so rich in flavor that it was a bit overwhelming for me. My friend really enjoyed it though so I think if you like seafood with a bold flavor you will definitely love this item. The eggs benedict were good as well and I think we were all pleasantly surprised with the amount of crab. I would definitely suggest it if you like benedicts and crab because it's probably one of the best I've had in a while.

After breakfast we walked over to the Chihuly Garden and Glass which was probably one of the favorite things I did in Seattle.

The exhibit was breathtaking and it was glass sculptures created by Dale Chihuly and his team of artists were amazing.

After the exhibit we visited the Space Needle (make sure if you go to both the exhibit and the space needle you buy the tickets together because it is cheaper).

When you're up at the Space Needle observatory there is a panel where you can add where you are visiting from. Of course we added ourselves into the system and picked #emcmeetsworld as our name! It was cool to see it tell us that we travel 944 miles to visit the Space Needle!

After we were done with the Space Needle we were in the mood to get some good Seattle coffee so we stopped by this coffee house called Street Bean Expresso. It was such a nice place that we decided to sit down in one of their comfy chairs to relax while we sipped on our caramel lattes.

Then we walked over to the Olympic Structure Park that was nearby. It was really a nice sized park and I really like the modern design it had. They had places to sit so we sat on on the red chairs that faced the water so we sunbathed for a bit and just relaxed. 

After we were done with the park we walked over to The Lost Pelican for happy hour. I got my usual drink (which is the Shirley Temple) and we shared two small dishes that were on the happy hour menu. After much debate we ended up ordering the Oysters Rockefeller and the Crawfish Pasta which were both delicious!

Oysters Rockefeller & Crawfish Pasta
After happy hour at the Lost Pelican we walked over to Shiro's Sushi. We heard a lot about it wanted to see what the hype was all about. If you've seen the popular sushi documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi you might know about this restaurant that was opened by one of his apprentices. Shiro no longer works at this restaurant but his technique learned by the master sushi chef Jiro is still implemented.  We got there an hour before it opened (which I highly recommend you do if you want to sit at the counter). I did the omakase at the counter which is something I haven't done since my visit to Japan. Honestly, if you like sushi as much as I do and you are the type that is willing to just experience something even if it's a bit pricey I would recommend you give this a try.

sleeping while waiting in line

We ended the day by going to a couple of arcade bars to play pinball and we got some dessert at the Pie Bar. If you like pie and alcohol you will love this place! They have fun cocktails and delicious pies in a cozy atmosphere.

It's taken me a while to write these blog posts but it's great for me to write them cause it allows me to reflect about my trip and remember all the wonderful things I got to do. Hopefully, I can get through the rest of the trip soon because I would love to share the rest of my trip!

Until next time :)

Rocksbox | Making a Statement

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Monday!

Today, I wanted to share with you all a jewelry subscription service I am trying out called Rocksbox. I have tried various subscription services in the past, ranging from beauty to underwear (yes underwear) and I haven't found anything that I wanted to stick with for a long period of time. I thought I would give this subscription service a try because what they offered on their service appealed to me.

Rocksbox offers an unlimited jewelry service that costs $19 per month. Each time they send a box out it contains three pieces. The cost of the $19 includes the shipping and the return shipping (they include the printed label in the box). When you sign up on their site you take a short style survey and a stylist picks out what they think you might like. What I like about this service is that there is a place to look through all the items they offer and you can make your own wishlist of items you hope to get in your future box. The items listed on their wishlist is updated weekly with new items so I enjoy looking through for new items to add. You can also follow them on instagram and sync your instagram account so when you see something you like and write #wishlist in the comments they will consider to include those items into your future box as well! I also like the line up of brands/designers they collaborate with which include House of Harlow 1960, Kendra Scott, Gorjana, Wanderlust + Co, Vanessa Mooney and many more.

Also, if you end up liking any of the items you can purchase it with a special insider price which is typically $5 to $10 off the normal price. Also, once you sign up with Rocksbox you get $10 to spend every month so the $10 can apply to an item you like which I think is wonderful especially if you find a piece you like!

The photos above were items I got in my first box. I wore these pieces to work and when I went out with friends over the weekend. I loved that I was able to dress it up and also dress it down. My favorite look was when I paired it with a white dress shirt with my chambray long sleeve shirt that I rolled up (as seen in the photo above).

I am mailing back my items today so I can't wait to get my next Rocksbox to see what I will get! If you guys are interested in trying out Rocksbox, I have a code you can all use to get a once month free trial. Use this code (this code is good for a whole month): whimsicalfawnxoxo

If you do use the code let me know how you like your Rockbox and if you post photos be sure to tag me on whimsicalfawn on twitter & instagram!

Until next time!

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