50 States | State #1: Seattle, WA | Day #1

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Over the President's Day long weekend, I went on vacation to Seattle,WA and Portland, Oregon with my two friends. In my previous blog post I talked about how earlier in the year my two friends and I decided to put on our bucket list to travel to all 50 states by the time we were 50 years old (the age part is something we decided during this trip). I have never been to both Washington and Oregon so I was pretty excited to travel to a new place and explore the city. 

We definitely had a jam packed schedule planned during our 3 nights, 4 day stay. I was so proud of us for managing to do almost everything we had originally planned on doing. For today's blog post let me share what I did on day one!

Day One (BUR--> SEA)- Saturday, February 14th, 2015

I woke up around 4AM on Saturday morning and we flew out of Burbank airport at 7AM. It was nice short two hour flight to Seattle so we landed around 9AM. After renting a car at the airport, we drove to our first food location of the day which was Top Pot Doughnuts (the original location).

Doughnuts were really good (it must be since our President even dropped by to have a taste)! I would recommended these doughnuts it if you like the one that are more bread like. The interior of the place we went to was nice. I like the books that were displayed in the interior because it gave off a relaxing cafe vibe to it. The drip coffee I got was strong and bold in flavor which was just what I needed to start of my day. 

Then we drove to Pike Place Market to head over to brunch at Cafe Champagne

This is what we ordered for brunch:

Les Oeufs En Meurette
Les Oeufs Brouilles
Les Croques Madame
Les Oeufs En Meurette- Poached eggs with a sauce of pearl onions, bacon, champignons in red wine-foie gras sauce on garlic croutons and pommes frites $16
Les Croques Madame- Parisian ham & Comte cheese served on a the house-made pain de mie served with a green salad $16.50
Les Oeufs Brouilles- scrambled eggs with fresh herbs, served with chicken & pork sausage, roasted potatoes and baguette $10

My favorite out of the three things we ordered was the Les Oeufs Brouilles which was absolute delicious. The scrambled eggs were probably the best I've ever had. The baguette came with this marion berry jam that was fantastic! This place is definitely crowded so make sure you make reservations before you arrive!

After brunch we checked into the Silver Cloud Inn and unfortunately I don't have photos of where we stayed but I would totally recommend it if you are interested in something more casual. It is reasonably priced and offers complimentary breakfast and parking (for most of their locations). We stayed at the University one which ended up being a good location for us because it was not too far away from all the places we wanted to visit. 

The next place we checked out was Snoqualmie Falls

Make sure when you visit this place that you anticipate that you will get a bit wet depending on which direction the wind is blowing that day. It's free to visit and parking is free as well so that's just the added plus to visiting this amazing location. 

Afterwards, we went to Pike's marketplace again to walk around and the view was really beautiful.

The heart for Vday was so cute!

The crazy line outside the original Starbucks
We also decided to try the famous Piroshky Piroshky which had a crazy long line considering that it was about 10 minutes before closing when we got there. 

We decided to grab whatever that was left because the choices were pretty slim since it was the end of the night. I didn't really care for majority of the ones we got but the Bavarian Sausage was really delicious. 

I think our first day was a total success! I was amazed by the amount of stuff we did considering it was the day we flew into Seattle. Actually, now to think about it I think this was just the beginning of our jam packed adventure. We really did a lot in such a short amount of time! I am so excited to share what I did on the other days so stay tuned for what I did on day 2!

Bucket List: Visiting All 50 States

Saturday, February 14, 2015

 The Dalai Lama once said this...

And I couldn't have agreed more...

I love traveling! Traveling is an experience I truly enjoy and I seek it every opportunity I have. However, like many people out there traveling can be difficult to do when you have other obligations tying you down. I found out this past year that when you have friends who have the same traveling passion as you it makes planning a trip much easier. A couple of months ago, my friends and I were talking about the things that were on our bucket list and one of my friends mentioned how she wanted to travel to all 50 states. So we decided to tackle this bucket list together because sometimes having a good travel companion is just what you need!

About four weeks ago, these two friends of mine surprised me with a plane ticket to Seattle as an early birthday gift. I was so ecstatic and grateful that I almost cried (I mean seriously, how thoughtful are they!?!). This weekend, the three of us will venture off to visit our first two states out of fifty! We will be flying to Seattle, Washington and driving to Portland,Oregon! I plan to document my trip on this blog because I want to keep track of where we go and what we did so I have a place where I can look back to years from now. I hope you will join me on this journey of mine and share with me any recommendations you might have :) Let me know if you have any suggestions for Seattle and Portland! We have quite the list already but we are definitely open to any recommendations of must see places!


dineLA | BLD

Friday, February 13, 2015

I totally forgot to blog about this dineLA dining experience I had with my friends from college a couple weeks ago! I guess it's never too late to share so here it goes!

It was my first time dining at BLD which was a restaurant located on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles. I had a difficult time selecting my choices that were listed on the dineLA menu but finally made by decision and I couldn't have been happier. The lamb meatballs served with anson mills polenta, tomato confit and pecorino sardo was fantastic! It was savory and flavorful but not too over powering. The main course was also delightful and tender. The bacon wrapped pork loin was juicy and absolutely mouth watering. For dessert I had the buttermilk donuts with the chai tea. These donuts were incredible! Freshly baked, hot and sweet it just melts into your mouth! I could seriously eat a million of these!

Overall I had a great experience dining here and would love to try out their well known brunch menu on the weekend!

*This is not a sponsored post*

Inspiration of the Week

Taking Stock 02

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Photo taken by moi! Check out my tumblr for more daily photos!
I did a "taking stock" post once before in 2014 and really enjoyed doing it but I was a terrible blogger in 2014 so I only did it once and then never got around to doing it again. Now that January is over and it's the first day of a new month, I thought a bit of self reflection would be good for the soul. So here we go!

Remembering: To live in the moment
Trying: To read one book a month
Cooking:Absolutely nothing
Drinking: A peach jade green tea
Reading:Think Like a Freak
Wanting:The Canon G7 X camera
Watching: Youtube videos ( to be exact travel videos from Clothesecounters... I recently found her channel and I am in love with her videos!)
Deciding: Where to stay in Seattle! Have any recommendations?
Wishing:I didn't have to go into work tomorrow!
Planning: My trip to Seattle
Enjoying: Hanging out with my amazing friends
Loving: How thoughtful my friends are
Needing:Absolutely nothing
Smelling:My candle
Wearing: My PJs
Noticing: That I don't use twitter as often as I should.
Thinking: How sad it is that the weekend is OVER :(
Buying: A travel journal
Getting: Excited for my upcoming trip!

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