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Real Talk: Why I Needed a Digital Detox for 48 Hours

Like most bloggers out there, I juggle my 9 to 6 job while I try to create content on Whimsicalfawn. A lot of the times I feel a bit of...
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100% Natural Lip Butter ChapStick Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while you might know that I recently have been slowly converting all my products into organic or natural. This is a...
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Happy Girls

I initially had a different blog post I had partially written that I was going to finish up and post today.  But you know… today turned out to be a...
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My Current Essential Oil & Carrier Oil Favorites

Recently, I’ve been loving essential oils so I thought I would share a few of my recent favorites and share how I’ve been using them. When I first started researching...
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Real Talk: It’s Tough Being a Fashion Blogger

Story Time I’ve had two blogs before this one. The first one was back in 2006 but I deleted it about a year later. My second blog was created back...
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  • The Only Watch You Will Ever Need Jord Wood Watches Whimsicalfawn 03

The Only Watch You Will Ever Need

When JORD contacted me about their wood watch collection I was genuinely intrigued! My first thought was, what does a wood watch even look like?  I’ll be quite frank to...
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  • Weekend Adventures Whimsicalfawn 0

3 Reasons Why I Like Weekend Adventures

Today, I thought I would share my 3 reasons why I like weekend adventures! Because let’s face it.. we all love a good adventure now don’t we? I know I...
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Something New

You might notice something new on Whimsicalfawn, can you all guess what it is? If you think the overall blog layout has changed you are absolutely correct! About a year ago, I...
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  • live unapologetically

Live Unapologetically

Recently, I came across the phrase “live unapologetically” on social media and it struck a chord with me. Live unapologetically… what does that even mean you might ask? Well to...
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  • My Wellness Journey- Beginning Whimsicalfawn

My Wellness Journey: The Beginning

At the beginning of the year I decided to take a leap and change my lifestyle and go on a wellness journey. Back in December of 2015, I found myself...
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  • May & June 2016 Favorites Whimsicalfawn

May & June 2016 Favorites

I am so behind on this but I thought why not share it anyways since I had quite a few favorite things accumulated from the past two months. So here...
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  • Salvation Mountain Whimsicalfawn 08

Pins & Patches in a World of Color

(Top: Stradivarius /sold out but you can purchase the patches on their site, Shorts: Target, Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Pins:An assortment from Forever 21, Rings: An assortment from Icing, Shoes: Converse,...
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